Nirvana Day Centre was founded by a former adults social worker who recognised that there was a significant gap in the care sector, particularly when it came to engaging and stimulating Day Centres for vulnerable adults. Identifying this need led to the birth of Nirvana Day Centre – a vibrant, lavish and active facility that offers a variety of support services, as well as enriching social and recreational activities. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our clients in our community.

What makes the Day Centre unique is that the services they offer are grounded in clients feeling empowered and independent. To support clients in rediscovering their autonomy, the Day Centre offers skills-based sessions that encourage self-motivation, creativity and learning. With an emphasis on freedom of choice, the Day Centre also offers a more peaceful and relaxed experience whereby mini massages, manicures and yoga classes are available on a weekly basis. In addition to these services, the Day Centre also provides a luxury dining experience, incorporating a three-course meal for clients who choose to include this in their package.

Here at Nirvana Day Centre, we understand that there are a large number of residents in Hillingdon and the surrounding areas that are from Asian backgrounds. Noting this demographic, the Day Centre ensures that whilst staff members both speak and understand English, majority of our professionals also speak at least one Asian language (Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu). As such, Nirvana Day Centre provides an inclusive space where people from the Asian community feel catered for. Thus, our service allows clients to celebrate their culture and communicate freely.

There are many activities that clients can get involved with at Nirvana Day Centre. The ‘Our Services’ tab offers an abundance of information, however please ask if you are unsure or would like further clarification. We truly value your input and want to work with you to secure the best possible outcomes.


Nirvana Day Centre aims to create a social space designed to make our clients feel comfortable and content. We want our clients to feel relaxed and ‘at home’, so please do not hesitate to voice your opinions, share successes or address any concerns as this helps us to improve our service.

General Facilities

  • A flat screen TV

  • A lounge and dining area

  • Apple Mac computers for clients to use (support provided)

  • Disabled toilets

  • Therapy room for light massages and manicures

  • Yoga, light dance and exercise room

  • Back garden and patio with outdoor furniture and raised beds

Please feel free to contact our Day Centre Manager on 07411443142 or email us at info@nirvanadaycentre.co.uk if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

If you wish to volunteer at Nirvana Day Centre, please call our Day Centre Manager on 07411443142 or email info@nirvanadaycentre.co.uk where you can request more information on our volunteering process.